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New from NuNaat

From the heart of the Brazilian rainforest nuNAAT blends Patauá Oil and Pracaxi Oil together to create a hair care system that is rich in omega3,6,9.This infusion of moisturising ingredients will leave hair nourished and protected from dryness and breakage.The result is healthier more vibrant hair that is full of body. Why Patauá Oil? Patauá Oil has a higher level of omega 3, 6 and 9 than olive oil. This nutrient rich oil penetrates deep into the hair sha to nourish the hair. The fattyacids in this oil also help to increase the shine and overall health of hair.Has been known to accelerate the repair of damage to the cells andprotects the hair during the relaxing process.  ThePerfect Pairing Th is system is blended with Pracaxi Oil,offers natural conditioning to the hair.Th is oil will soften the hair while adding moisture to protect from dryness. Product InformationRevitalizing Shampoo
Bath your hair in an emulsion of omega rich Patauá and Pracaxioils, this sulfate-free shampoo helps to restore your hair to its normal pH balance.

Hydration Plus
Moisturizing Conditioner Detangles hair while adding extra moisture. Blended with Brazilian oils and silicone to help add an additional
layer of protection to hair. Leaves the hair fortified with added volume and shine.

Shine Enhancing

Termal Protection Lotion Protects the hair from heat damage associated with thermal styling.Blended with a wheat protein complex to help to prevent
breakage and shedding.

Cuticle Protect Wrap
Setting Mousse
Perfect for protective styles, this lightweight mousse wraps the hair in a blend of natural oils to add moisture and shine.

Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System

From the heart of the Brazilian Rainforest comes a relaxer system blended with Patauá Oil and Pracaxi Oil. Rich in omega 3, 6, and 9, this infusion of moisturizing ingredients the
result- stronger healthier, more vibrant hair.
Each Kit Contains:6.0 oz. Relaxer Base, 1.55 . oz. Activator, 1.75 .oz. Revitalizing Shampoo, 1.75 . oz Nourishing Conditioner, 1 . ozWrapping Mousse, 1 . oz ermal Treatment, Step-by-Step Instruction Guide, Mixing Stick Introductory Display
The entire system will launch with a beautiful 20 Piece Introductory Display
2 – Normal Relaxers
2 – Extra Strength Relaxers
4 – Shampoos
4 – Conditioners
4 – Mousse
4 – Hair Lotion
PLUS Merchandising Materials Included:
24 – Consumer Brochures
1 – T-Shirt
1 – Poste

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